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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I put my recycling? Is this provided in the cleaning services?

Recycling bins are located at all buildings. Please ask our friendly on-site team for further information. Should you wish for this to be included in your weekly clean, a quote can be arranged by your Business Manager.


Why do you only offer cable internet in the suite?

As each company requires different IT services, cable internet is more stable & secure for our clients, especially if they need to access servers remotely etc. Cable internet in our buildings ensures that internet speeds are consistently high, and uninterrupted.

Serviced offices

Can I modify the suite and hang items on the wall?

Yes, you can hang your own pictures/artwork/whiteboards on the wall and make modifications to the suite. We do however need to ask the landlords permission to modify the suite. You will be required to return the suite to its original condition (make-good) upon vacate.


How do the printing facilities work?

Network printing facilities are available at most of our locations. Please speak with your Business Manager for further information. Alternatively, your on-site team can print on your behalf. Applicable printing charges are added to your monthly invoice.

Serviced offices

Can I advertise my business somewhere within the building?

Yes, there are opportunities to advertising your business within the building and this varies from building to building. Please speak with your Business Manager for all available opportunities.


Do I get a discount on parking if I’m a serviced office client?

If you park casually then rates will be as advertised to the general public. Should you wish to lease a car space on a monthly basis, your Business Manager will be able to tailor a package for you, based on availability.


Can I install a different lock on the suite door?

Yes, you can install a different lock on the door, at your own cost. Your landlord must be notified before making the change and you will be required to return the suite to its original condition upon vacate.

Customer Service

What reception services are included at no additional cost?

Greeting and welcoming your clients to the building as well as mail collection.

Serviced offices

Are clients charged extra if we want to bring on an additional staff member? e.g. Add an additional desk to our office?

No, offices are charged per square metre, not per person. If you require additional furniture please contact you Business Manager; items supplied are subject to availability.


Can I change the lighting in my suite if it is too bright?

Yes, we can provide a quote if you would like to decrease or increase your office lighting. Please speak with your Business Manager or team on-site.


Where is the loading dock for my removalists?

Loading docks are site specific. Please speak to your Business Manager for further details.

Serviced offices

Is there a stationery pack I can choose from upon move in to avoid having to purchase myself?

Yes, your Business Manager can facilitate this for you upon request.